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Cornell Lab of Ornithology & Bird ID App

Merlin Bird ID

Answer five simple questions about a bird you are trying to identify and Merlin will come up with a list of possible matches. Merlin offers quick identification help for all levels of bird watchers to learn about North America and Europe’s common and rare birds!

Or Use a Photo

Snap a photo of a bird, or pull one in from your camera roll, and Merlin Photo ID will offer a short list of possible matches. Photo ID works completely offline, so you can even identify birds in the photos you take when you are far from cell service.

Results based on millions of eBird sightings

Merlin Bird ID draws upon more than 500 million observations from the eBird citizen-science project. It customizes your list to the species you are most likely to have seen at your location and time of year.

Download the App

Visit this LINK to download the free app

Urban Foraging

Pocket Urban Foraging Guide, designed by the Wild Food School in the United Kingdom, provides basic information on the most common edibles found in "temperate northern urban environments". Though written for the UK, most of the species included are common thoughout North America as well. The guide briefly discusses legality, etiquette, safety, and talerances to wild edibles. You may download the guide here: Pocket Urban Foraging Guide - Wild Food School UK

"Wildman" Steve Brill offers local foraging information: https://www.wildmanstevebrill.com/

Bug of the Week

Bug of the Week - a blog by Michael J. Raupp, PhD - The Bug Guy Michael J. Raupp, PhD, Professor of Entymology and Extension Specialist at the University of Maryland, has written Bug of the Week for eight years and is a frequent guest bug expert for Good Morning America, NPR, and other news outlets. If you have any interest in bugs, visit his fascinating site!

Butterflies of Connecticut

Woodside Gardens, the Registry of Nature Habitats, provides this excellent resource. Visit a bird's home for the butterfly listing HERE

Video Links

The following are links to videos of the listed topics. You may have to sit through a short advertisement first.
• Decorah Eagles - live feed of an eagle's nest - https://www.raptorresource.org/birdcams/decorah-eagles/
• More live feeds - https://explore.org/livecams/


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